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Here Comes The MashUp

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

There are half a dozen reasons (or more) that I wanted a poetry celebration in Cambridge, MA this year. But here is the main one: Poets of various cultures, ages, and lifestyles need to be heard - even while our world is engulfed in a dual pandemic. And, though my confidence wavered, (for weeks y’all) I pushed, and contacted poets who I have known and adored for years. Poets who have made significant contributions to the city of Cambridge and nationwide. Those who move with a socially conscious heart. You know the type… and that type be my headliner poets:

  • PORSHA Olayiwola ( she who won the Individual World Poetry Slam, who carved a safe space in Roxbury for queer voices & people of color. Porsha, the Boston Poet Laureate)

  • MARY Buchinger Bodwell (an author of several books, open with her soul, willing to talk about deep human issues; Mary, president of the New England Poetry Club)

  • LIZZLE 4 aka Elon Fyfield (who grew up in ‘the Bridge’, graduated college, came back to the neighborhood to teach at his old middle school; the rapper who keeps it ‘clean’ and inspires youth, Lizzle 4, educator & recording artist

  • REGIE O'Hare Gibson (he who loves language, whose film debut inspired Black poets to dream big; he who time travels with Shakespeare; the melter of mic’s at Cantab, Lizard Lounge, and worldwide; Regie, professor and musician

  • J. SYLVAN (the multifaceted one, who slammed Cantab’s baseboards with free verse; wrote of ‘Wilde’ kisses; who teaches yoga, playwrights, produces and stars in their productions; J. Sylvan, playwright, pastor, poet

A diversity of voices will be presented at all four events at The Cambridge Poetry MashUp check out the MashUp schedule

All events are free to the public and stream virtual via Facebook live and Zoom. Some readings are in person where we encourage mask wearing and social distancing. Hand sanitizer shall be provided. We've all been through a heap this past year. Creativity has expanded in the midst of our solitude and emotions .The Cambridge Poetry MashUp is a way to share...see you there!

Joy and Health,

Toni Bee

Cambridge Poet Populist, emeritus

Founder, Curator, The Poetry MashUp

Designed by: Selena Brooks

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